Central-Eastern European Green Left Alliance

We are an alliance of green and left organizations from Central-Eastern Europe. We have joined forces in order to build a strong regional network to fight for a better future for our region and to represent CEE left’s voices internationally. 

In our work, we commit ourselves to building strong and diverse societies as well as inclusive, sustainable economies. In the face of division, inequality and fear, we stand for solidarity, equality and hope.

Coalition members



Czech RepUBLIC








Sotsialnyi Rukh


Szikra Mozgalom


What do we do?

We collaborate with political, civil society, community and labor movements and groups to construct alternatives and form meaningful alliances in the region.

As members of CEEGLA, we work together at regular remote and live meetings, sharing knowledge and practices of doing political and social work in our region. By fostering exchange and working together, we aim to build transnational solidarity around the values and struggles that matter the most.

As an alliance of green-left initiatives from CEE our main objectives are:

To campaign together on concrete issues, amplifying each other’s voices

To learn from each other and exchange knowledge about organising around campaigns, elections and any other practical aspects of our struggle.

To develop policies that provide tangible and solid alternatives to the current status quo in the region. 

To raise CEE voices on the international stage and facilitate coordination between green-left initiatives in the region and beyond.

To disseminate and highlight news regarding left-wing political and social struggles in the region.

We are looking forward to work with like-minded forces as part of a green-left project on both the regional and global levels.



CEE because each of our movements comes from Central-Eastern Europe. We’ve all been shaped by its landscapes, its history, the inequalities, hopes and common experiences we share.



GREEN because we recognise there’s no future without a truly transformative green politics. Because a just transition will only be just if it is achieved by all, with all and for all.



LEFT because equality, democracy and justice can only be delivered by left-wing politics. Because we deserve a true alternative to our hollowed-out democracies and cruel economic systems.



ALLIANCE because we have joined forces in order to work together, learn from each other and amplify one another’s voices. Because we believe only internationalist politics can lead the way towards a common, better future for the region — and the world.