Our vision

Having witnessed and lived through three decades of brutal capitalist transformation, we say our rights, dignity, communities, planet and future are more important than profit and enrichment of a small global elite.

As opposed to those who see them as costly and undeserved, we treasure public services — healthcare, education, and social protection, as the key to societies based on equality, solidarity and dignity.

We seek to build strong, diverse and sustainable economies which work for everyone. We raise our voices to shape the European and global human-centered economies. The idea that our region is just a capitalist testing ground on the semi-periphery of Europe and the global order must be discarded. It belongs to the past and the past alone.

We support civil society, trade unions, NGOs and mass media organisations in maintaining healthy democracies. We stand against authoritarian leaders, which bend the rules in their favour, crush opposition and dissent.

We build solidarity, equality and hope. We are against division, inequality and fear; and against the use of ‘nation’ and ‘faith’ as weapons against minorities and fundamental rights. We need to push forward ambitious and brave climate plans. It is high time to stop the destruction of our planet for the gain of a tiny minority. We need to focus on building our shared wealth, safety and health in a clean and stable environment. For our generation and for the generations to come.