Who we are

Our parties, movements and citizen groups emerged after the economic and financial crisis of 2008-2009. We are a new generation, which has experienced the disillusions after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, and the capitalist transition which followed. We have no nostalgia for the previous regimes, nor do we have any illusions regarding the nature of the failed neoliberal project implemented throughout our region. We must go forward, not back. We support European integration and the building of a democratic, social and sustainable Europe.

Our generation witnessed many wars. The Russian war of aggression on Ukraine is a stark reminder that democracy and self-determination can never be taken for granted.

We have also seen increased state brutality, surveillance, and inhuman border regimes. Instead of building bridges to help those in need, our elites built fences and instilled fear.

Our roots are in society, not in oligarchies and systems of power. We work with citizens, civil society, labour movements and community groups to build alternatives and meaningful alliances. Our members and partners learn from each other, develop their organisations and create transnational solidarity around our values and struggles. We will join efforts with like-minded forces to offer hope and a guide to action at the regional and global levels.