Drawing on our intertwined histories, we seek to strengthen the ties between our movements and organizations and work together toward:

  1. A democratic and sustainable economy working for everyone – an egalitarian society based on a just distribution of wealth and resources.
  2. Politics for the people, by the people, free of corporate interest, political oligarchies and authoritarianism.
  3. An economy in favour of the working people – better pay, secure jobs, strong labour rights, and a proper work-life balance.
  4. Democracy at work. Support for independent trade unions, collective bargaining, worker co-determination, as well as co-operatives as alternative forms of economic organization.
  5. Fiscal policies that can finance progressive social agendas both on a national and a regional level, breaking with the neoliberal politics of debt and austerity.
  6. Active policies for the conservation ecosystems and biodiversity. Protection of global common goods, responsible and sustainable management of water resources and land.
  7. A socially just, inclusive, sustainable and state-driven transition to a carbon-neutral society.
  8. Solid welfare systems and public services. Access to quality and affordable housing, strong public education and healthcare. Public pension systems which guarantee a dignified life for the elderly.
  9. Equal societies, free of marginalisation, discrimination and hate. Full respect and support for all fundamental human rights. Full political, economic, social and cultural participation of all minorities.
  10. Technology benefiting people, not corporations. A digital economy that empowers and creates opportunities. Data should be a common good serving social development, not a commodity enriching the few.
  11. Free and robust civil society organisations, independent, public and critical mass media.
  12. Democratisation of municipal governance. Vibrant local democracies. Protection and expansion of public spaces.
  13. A European Union built as a community of democracies, bound by solidarity and social values, fighting inequalities, disparities and poverty.
  14. A Central-Eastern European voice calling both within the EU and on a global scale for a social and economic model based on principles of social justice and solidarity. Fully-fledged Social Europe, reigning in capitalism and corporate abuse.
  15. International solidarity, global justice and consistent anti-imperialism. International cooperation based on principles of human rights and democracy.
  16. A comprehensive view of human security that engages with dangers to the environment, public health or social wellbeing alongside humanitarian or military threats.
  17. Democratic control, oversight and accountability over defence spending, policy and armed forces.